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How to get there by public transport

How to get there by public transport
How to get to Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory by public transport from Moscow, Dmitrov, Alexandrov

From Moscow by suburban train («train») from Yaroslavsky railway station (metro station «Komsomolskaya», and the red line subway) to the station Sergiev Posad. Also fit the trains to stations — Alexandrov, Strunino, Buzhaninovo. Travel time to the station Sergiev Posad — about 1 hour 20-40 minutes (depending on number of stops).

From Moscow to the intercity bus No. 388 to the town of Sergiev Posad (metro station «VDNH», the orange line metro). At the metro station «ENEA» to the surface in the direction of the exhibition centre, continue straight about 100 meters parallel to the street Mira Avenue (on your right on the other side of the Avenue should be a hotel «Cosmos») and 50 metres to the left of the Avenue before signs bus stop No. 388. Buses run from 7:30, journey time 1 hour and 10-30 minutes (depending on the availability of traffic congestion).

From Dmitrov long-distance bus No. 33 to get to Sergiev Posad or by bus number 44 to the city Khotkovo. Buses depart from the railway station of the city of Dmitrov, go 2-3 times a day in each direction, travel time about 1 hour. From the city of Khotkovo to Sergiev Posad can be reached by train (two stops) by Shuttle bus or route taxi № 55.

From the station Sergiyev Posad (long-distance buses and trains arrive at one station) to the city of Krasnozavodsk can be reached by taxi (runs every 10-15 minutes, journey time 30-40 minutes) or Shuttle bus number 26 (go 1 time per hour, the journey time 40-50 minutes) to the stop «the Plant». Stop is 30 metres from the square with the hall of Fame and two-storey green building. This building is the administration building Krasnozavodskaya Chemical Plant. Welcome!