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Contact details — address, phone, information on how to get to Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory

The plant division

Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory
Joint-stock company
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  • Address
    Postcode 141321
    In city the Moscow region
    город Сергиев-Посад,
    city Krasnozavodsk
    area Rdultowski
    the house 1

    The time
    08.00 — 17.00 (обед 12.00 — 13.00)

    Cуббота (Выходной день)
    Воскресенье (Выходной день)

  • Phones
       Временный генеральный директор
    Джангирян Валерий Гургенович
    (49654) 5-23-45
       Chief engineer
    Fomichev Alexander Vladimirovich
    (49654) 5-26-16
       Commercial Director
    Vylegzhanin Sergey Anatolievich
    (49654) 5-26-50

       Телефон фирменного магазина RECORD:

    (496) 545-16-60
       Deputy Director for regime, personnel and security
    Chulin Vladimir Alekseevich
    (49654) 5-27-70
       Deputy Director for Economics and Finance
    Petrenko Sergey
    (49654) 5-24-50
       Head of SDO and consolidated supply
    Shahmeyster Gregory Romanovich
    (49654) 5-82-22
       Head of sales Department
    Novikov Vitalii Alekseevich
    (49654) 5-19-41
       Начальник УЗМОиК
    Валиахметов Разиль Саитович
    (49654) 5-10-60
       Deputy chief engineer-chief technologist
    Kartashov Evgenii Vladimirovich
    (49654) 5-22-26
       Head of legal Department
    Schabas Nadezhda Nikolaevna
    (49654) 5-19-90
       Head of corporate procedures
    Morgachev Sergey

    Secretary Director
    (49654) 5-23-45
    Fax G/A (49654) 5-23-15
    Manager plant (49654) 5-14-21
    Sales Department (49654) 5-18-88
    Fax of sales Department (49654) 5-82-31, 5-29-33
    The wind farm division: (49654) 5-25-15, 5-82-22
    Supply division (49654) 5-13-31
    Finance Department (49654) 5-15-45, 5-82-32

  • E-mail
    Генеральный Директор: director@khz-record.ru
    Sales Department: sales@khz-record.ru
    (To supply products within the Russian Federation)
    (For General issues)
    (On Advertising and Marketing)
    The wind farm division: inter@khz-record.ru
    (For product delivery in the near and far abroad)
    Отдел УЗМОиК (Снабжение): logic@khz-record.ru
    (On tenders)
    Отдел УЗМОиК (Комплектация): set@khz-record.ru
    (On a complete set)
    Finance Department  
    (address hidden)
    The Chief Power Engineer Department svet@khz-record.ru
    Zam. chief power equipment ogm@khz-record.ru
    Department Of The Chief Technologist idea@khz-record.ru
    Head of the economic Department petrenko@khz-record.ru
    Economic Department ekonom@khz-record.ru
    ACS Department asu@khz-record.ru
    (On it and security)
    Department Of Main Metrologist metrolog@khz-record.ru
    Department General Accounting ogb@khz-record.ru
    Legal Department urotdel@khz-record.ru
    Office Of The Chief Architect oga@khz-record.ru
    HR kadr@khz-record.ru
    Department Of Ootab otb@khz-record.ru
    Engineering Department konstruktor@khz-record.ru
    Quality control Department otk@khz-record.ru
    Carpool avto@khz-record.ru
    Service quality management smk@khz-record.ru
    Mechanical production semenow@khz-record.ru
    Tool production freza@khz-record.ru
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  • Regional telephone codes:
    • for calls from Moscow and other Russian regions: 8-496-54