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On the website

On the website
Description and General information about the site Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory

The website «KHZ-Record» (www.khz-record.ru) is focused on the target audience Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory (KHZ) — business partners and consumers of products produced by the Factory.

On the website you can find detailed information about the entire line of products Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory — hunting, sports, signal, and special ammunition, fireworks, fireworks, pyrotechnics and other household goods.

Also on the website described in detail the process of purchasing the Factory products — how, where and with whom the Russian Federation, CIS and far abroad countries you can buy products under the brand names Record and coke.

In addition the site has detailed information about the Factory itself, its history, production capacity, research and marketing activities.

In addition, the site has a guide that includes a dictionary of complex technical and professional terms used in the description of products and services of the Factory, the site map Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory and the function of searching necessary information on the website «KHZ-Record».