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Joint-stock company «Ęđŕńíîçŕâîäńęčé őčěč÷ĺńęčé çŕâîä»

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All-Russian competition «100 best goods of Russia»

The competition «100 best goods of Russia» holds interregional public organization «Academy of quality problems». With the support of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology Administration of the regional center of standardization, Metrology and certification of Public organizations.

JSC «Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory» by participating in the contest in 2015 was declared the winner and awarded diplomas of the Winner in the nomination «Industrial goods for population» and «Winner» in the nomination «production of industrial-technical purpose».


Policy in the field of quality

Guided by quality as the most important criterion for evaluating manufactured products, we provide the profit to the factory, employment and remuneration to employees for work. Policy quality is the cornerstone of the overall strategy of JSC «Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory», aimed at satisfaction of customer requirements, and also to produce products in accordance with the state quality standards.

Anti-corruption policy

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Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms
The specialized vocabulary of professional terms used on the website Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory
  • Cartridge
    The cartridge is connected through the sleeve into one bullet (the projectile), propellant (military) charge, the primer capsule or sleeve. The cartridge is used for firing from small arms and some artillery. Modern cartridges depending on the types of weapons are: pistol, rifle, gun, ammo hunting rifles and Ammo etc. are divided into combat, auxiliary (idle) and training.
  • Caliber cartridge
    Caliber is the diameter of the barrel of firearms, as well as the diameter of the projectile (bullet); one of the main variables that determine the power of firearms. Size is determined in shotguns by the inner diameter of the barrel, the projectiles (bullets) - most cross-section. Caliber hunting shotguns expressed as the number of round bullets, equal in mass and diameter, cast from 400 g of pure lead and entering into the bore of a gun without a gap. For example, if you cast 12, 16, 20, and more bullets, the caliber of these guns will be expressed respectively by the numerals 12, 16, 20, etc.
  • Shot, buckshot
    The hunting shot — small metal balls (sometimes cubes), are an integral part of the cartridge (projectile) intended for firing from smooth-bore hunting rifles. Made from lead laced with small amounts of antimony and arsenic. Pellet sometimes covered with copper, chromium or Nickel. The fraction sizes in most countries are the same, but have different designations. In Russia, the fraction represent numbers: 12 (birdshot, diameter of 1.25 mm) to 0000 (5 mm). The difference between the diameters of two adjacent rooms of fractions is 0.25 mm. Fraction numbers 12, 11, 10 called beksinska, the fraction with a diameter greater than 5 mm buckshot. In most foreign countries the size of the fraction is expressed in mm, rarely has a letter designation. Produce shot to shot casting plant and method of stamping.
  • Stands small (round, trench)
    Stand small, Playground for firing from smooth-bore guns shot a shell at flying targets-clay pigeons, thrown propelling devices (machines). Distinguish between the trench and round small stands. Trench stand shooting, 25