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Chandeliers are intended for illumination of residential rooms, apartments, hallways
Chandeliers are designed to work with incandescent lamps with E27 base to AC power with a nominal voltage of 220 V and frequency 50 Hz. Maximum bulb power of 60 watts.
  • Chandelier 5-bean brassed (article 658)
    Chandelier 5-bean brassed
  • Chandelier 5-open-cast, stainless steel (article 658)
    Chandelier 5-open-cast, stainless steel
  • Chandelier 5-bean «Mignon» (article 779)
    Chandelier 5-bean «Mignon»
  • Chandelier 3-spanner with bracket (article 658)
    Chandelier 3-spanner with bracket
  • Chandelier 3-bean without bracket (article 658)
    Chandelier 3-bean without bracket