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Bengali candles

Bengali candles
Bengali candles are the rods, when ignited, which creates the effect of spraying flaming sheaf of sparks
Bengali candles can decorate any festive events — children\'s parties, birthdays, wedding parties, and friendly. The candle is particularly impressive in the dark, without lighting.
The sheaf of «cold» fire in the form of crumbling sparks-stars a lot of fun for young children. Bengali candles are an accessible attribute of New year celebrations. The use of sparklers in different kind of events lifts the mood and makes any celebration more bright and fun.
  • Bengali candle length 190 mm
    Burning time is not less than 40 seconds
    Packaging — 6 PCs.
  • Bengali candle length 575 mm
    Package — not less than 120 seconds
    Packaging — 3 PCs.
  • Bengali candles