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Krasnozavodskaya Chemical Plant is a developer and manufacturer of needle bullet «Strela»
Bullet «Strela»
Arrow bullet can achieve a stable and sustainable trajectory of a bullet. Due to the presence of the blades on the shank of the stabilizer is ensured by the rotation of the bullet and thereby achieving bullet stability in flight stability and flight path.
Bullet «Strela» is designed Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory and produced since 1989. It has arrow-shaped profile with six wings and comes in the following flavors — in container (410 gauge) or in two plastic obolochkah in the form of semi-cylinders (12, 16 and 20 gauge).
Delivery options bullets «Arrow»
Caliber The number
in the package
12 5 PCs.
12 8 PCs.
16 10 PCs.
20 12 PCs.
410 20 PCs.