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Shotgun pellet model
Exemplary hunting cartridges of 20 calibres are designed to test measuring devices and conducting sravnenitel test batches of ammo
Hunting shot cartridge of the exemplary caliber 20
    Exemplary cartridges are designed for:
  • verification of measuring devices
  • give the greatest possible uniformity test result of bullets from the same batch at different stations
  • conduct a direct comparison of the batches of cartridges
Options cartridge
Property The value
The flight speed of the fraction V10 335±10 м/с
V10 40 m/s
The average value of the maximum pressure Pmcp. 72 MPa (734 kgf/cm2)
The highest value of the maximum pressure PmNB. 79 MPa (806 kgf/cm2)
Pm 34 MPa (350 kgf/cm2)
Packaging 10 PCs.
The appearance of the cartridge