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Shotgun Pellet Magnum
The shotgun pellet «Magnum» cartridges of 20 calibers used for hunting with a smoothbore gun for waterfowl, upland game, small-and medium-size animal; use is particularly effective when shooting at long distances
Cartridge with increased charge Magnum shot caliber 20/76
Options cartridge
Property The value
Diameter fraction from 1,5 to 5,0 mm
Projectile weight 28—36 г
Gunpowder smokeless pyroxylin («sonar-410», «sonar-Magnum»)
The flight speed of the fraction V10 not less than 325 m/s
The pressure of powder gases in the chamber of the barrel 25 mm from a cut breech no more than 850 kgf/cm2
Accuracy not less than 50 %
Packaging 10 PCs.
The appearance of the cartridge and the box